【About Us】

The all new independent hotel brand from the Taipei forward Hotel group. we created a brand-new hotel image with a style of being young and free. We also hope to fit the word " simple " in your journey and " + " is to enrich your experience while you are here. Simple+hotel has been working with the humanistic art groups to bring you a new way of thinking.

The word " simple " , it warms up the world. In the history of mankind, people have been understanding the real meaning of " simpleness ". You can really experience the world only when you find your center and sometimes there is no need to think because time is needed to realize the taste of our surroundings. Forget the fancy and we will take time to taste being simple. Simple+ Hotel has eased down everything to the level where our everyday life is. Even in this busy world, we believe that "simplicity" is being able to be simple, simple is happiness.