》Quarantine period for close contacts of confirmed cases to be shortened to 10 days beginning March 7

日期/ Date:2022-03-01

On February 24, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that home quarantine period for individuals identified as close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases will be reduced to 10 days starting 00:00 on March 7, 2022. The principle of one person per room should be observed during quarantine.

Those whose home do not meet the requirements of home quarantine can be isolated in a government quarantine facility. Individuals who test negative before the end of quarantine can be released and must continue to practice a seven-day self-health management starting the 11th day.

Testing measures are listed below.
a. PCR tests are given:
1. When contacts are identified by epidemiological investigations;
2. When related symptoms develop during quarantine;
3. Before the end of the isolation period (the 10th day from the last day of contact with the confirmed case).

b. Government-funded at-home rapid testing (a total of two tests) will be added and given:
1. Between the fifth and seventh day from the last date of contact with the confirmed case.
2. Between the sixth and seventh day of self-health management.
3. At-home rapid test kits will be provided to those in home (self-) quarantine by local governments.