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台北住宿|6月15日起入境居家檢疫天數放寬為3+4.|simplehotel 旅店

From June 15th, the number of home quarantine days will be reduced to 3 + 4.

Entry Quarantine 3+4 Specification & QA;
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QA45 – Q4. I have been quarantined at home for 3 days at an anti-epidemic hotel, can I return home for the next 4 days of self-prevention? Do I need to apply in advance? Who should I apply to?
1. The 3-day home quarantine and the 4-day self-epidemic prevention are based on the same location; if you want to return home for the next 4 days of self-epidemic prevention, please apply to the local government where the self-epidemic prevention site is located for "change of location during the self-epidemic prevention period". Signed change statement (Please click to download), only the location can be changed, and another location change is limited to one time.
2. Considering that the threat of new variants of COVID-19 imported from abroad has not been alleviated, the virus may still be in the incubation period during the self-prevention period, and family members in Taiwan have not been exposed to the infection risk of different variants. To carry out self-epidemic prevention, one person must meet the conditions of one household.

Pre-flight and entry quarantine cooperation matters for passengers