Independent epidemic prevention propaganda

台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

Wear A Mask


台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

Self-Health Monitoring

Take your body temperature every morning and evening, and record your body temperature and physical condition.

台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

Wash Your Hands Requently

Please wash your hands frequently with soap or cleaning products.

台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

Maintain Resistance

Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet to maintain a good resistance.

台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

No Missed Calls

Don't miss the call from chief of village/officer / police and government units.

台北防疫旅館|防疫服務|simplehotel 旅店

Immediately Report Discomfort

If you have fever, cough, abnormal smell, etc., please quickly screen to confirm the diagnosis and contact the local health bureau.

請依據本府111年10月11日訂定之「臺北市因應0+7政策入境者確診通報流程及後送機制」處理,並請確實依確診通報單所示內容,完成確診個案通報及相關靜置消毒事宜,請貴館務必遵守辦理,謝謝。 請參閱「臺北市旅館防疫相關FAQ」 資料來自:台北市政府