Anti-epidemic Service

Fill out the entry health certificate online.
Upon arrive Taiwan(day 0),after completing PCR testing,take anti-epidemic vehicle or picked up by family,friends or organization group to quarantine hotel.
Leave after quarantine period is met
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Wear A Mask

After arriving in Taiwan, wear a mask throughout the entire process, return home quickly or move to an anti-epidemic hotel, and are not allowed to take a public ferry.

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Self-Health Monitoring

Take your body temperature every morning and evening, and record your body temperature and physical condition.

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Wash Your Hands Requently

Please wash your hands frequently with soap or cleaning products.

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Maintain Resistance

Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet to maintain a good resistance.

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No Missed Calls

Don't miss the call from chief of village/officer / police and government units.

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Immediately Report Discomfort

If you have fever, cough, abnormal smell, etc., please quickly screen to confirm the diagnosis and contact the local health bureau.

Is it possible to leave the room when staying at an anti-epidemic hotel? How many days are you going to stay?
If you stay in an anti-epidemic hotel, the entry day is the 0th day, and you can go out after the three-day home quarantine period expires.
It is known that family members/co-residents who enter the country on the same day can choose to live in epidemic-prevention accommodation, their own residence, or the residence of relatives and friends. Who are the co-occupants?

Family members/co-residents who enter the country on the same day can choose to live in epidemic-prevention hotels, their own residences, or the residences of relatives and friends. The co-residents refer to those who live together abroad, including those who provide regular living care.

How to apply for a daily subsidy of NTD 500 for Taipei citizens staying in epidemic prevention hotels?

Please refer to the FAQs related to the subsidy for home-isolated and home-quarantine persons in the city during the isolation and quarantine period of severe special infectious pneumonia COVID-19 in Taipei City:【Click here】